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Sina and Kristina: Tips for Young Drummers

Sina Drums and Kristina Schiano are amazing young girl drummers whose popularity has been growing very fast. Their experience is very interesting not only to musicians but to other people too. This is especially important because the popularity in YouTube doesn’t give them a lot of money:

“Some people think I’m a rich girl because I have many views on YouTube and a lot of subscribers, but unfortunately, most of those views refer to my drum covers of copyrighted material. The advert money generated by those views gets straight to the copyright holders, so my YouTube income is quite small” (Sina’s website)

So, in addition to other tasks, they have to find financial support in order to buy and maintain drum gear, get video recording equipment and services, pay tuition fees, etc.

Sina Drums

Sina drumsYoutube channel: sinadrumming
Youtube stats (03 Feb 2018):
• 283,364 subscribers
• Joined Sep 30, 2013
Country: Germany
Year of birth: 1999
Are parents musicians?: Dad runs a little music studio. He helps a lot as a musician, composer, manager, etc
Started drumming: When she was 10
Drum education: ‘Drummer’s Inspiration’ drum school, about one lesson per week for 6.5 years, since she was 10
• Drums: Kirchhoff drums
• Cymbals: Meinl
• Drumheads: Evans
Quotes from Bios: “I do covers and originals on YouTube, I work with other artists and I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m basically a drummer but I also enjoy messing around with guitars, bass, keys and other stuff.”

In the video below you can find more about Sina and her approach (note: Milena is Sina’s sister):

  • How Sina finds people for collaborations
  • How to find drumless tracks
  • Whether it is legal to cover copyrighted songs
  • How to raise money

One more important question is how to overcome procrastination. The answer may be as follows: have a person who can encourage you (the screenshot below is from the comments to this video. Mike is Sina’s father):

Some important points and lessons:

  • Be a bit of a music nerd – completely devote yourself to drumming
  • The drummer is a musician. Learn music, try different styles and instruments. But don’t lose your main focus
  • Collaborations with other musicians may be a great way to improve and promote yourself and make your videos more attractive
  • YouTube channel is a complex system. So it is reasonable to have several channels: one is main, the others are for tests, back-ups, etc
  • Find reliable ways or person(s) that can help you to cope with procrastination
  • It’s great if you have a team which can support and help you. It can include your family members: parents, grandparents, sisters or brothers, etc. Also, this can be your teachers or other persons

But if there is no good assistant, YOU can be the key person. How? Read below.

Kristina Schiano

“I want you to know that if you are determined and work hard for what you love and believe in, you can absolutely achieve it to greater lengths than you ever imagined” (Modern Drummer)

Youtube channel: ggnoka82Kristina Schiano
Youtube stats (03 Feb 2018):
• 283,414 subscribers
• Joined Sep 3, 2007
Country: USA
Year of birth: 1995
Are parents musicians?: Dad owns a guitar store
Started drumming: When she was 8. Dad bought her a drum set after she couldn’t play guitar
Drum education: Self-taught
• SJC Custom Drums
• Zildjian Cymbals
• Vater Drumsticks
• Vratim Shoes
• Drumtacs
Quotes from bio: “Session Drummer / YouTuber”

First of all read this article:
   On The Beat with Kristina Schiano: Talks Determination
and/or listen to this podcast:
   Drummers I Like Podcast #81: Kristina Schiano – The Digital Hustle

Important quotes:

– I “transformed… bedroom into a film and recording studio”
– “I’ve been posting drum covers, vlogs, and motivational content on YouTube for eight years now”
– “I was completely in love with what I was doing”
– “I invested in new equipment, learned how to edit, really figured out how YouTube worked, and how I could get my videos seen”
– “I made a lot of contacts and built relationships with companies that I am now endorsing”
(Modern Drummer)


“Her multi-faceted efforts to progress playing, run a business, and consistently network also speak to her consistent actions towards success” (Drummers I Like)


“Self-taught drummers can do anything they set their minds to! We are in control of our destiny :)” (in comments here)

Some key points and lessons:

  • Love what you do and people for whom you do that
  • No band to play with? YouTube can help you
  • Never give up. Yes, it’s sounds very trivially but again – Never give up!
  • Never say ‘Nobody needs me’
  • Even if you are the most talented drummer, no one will know about you and no one will need you without day-to-day networking and promotion, maybe for years (maybe even for 7+ years)

UPDATE Feb 28 2018. From the post in Kristina’s IG account:

300,000 Subscribers
I’ve been posting videos on YouTube for over 8 years. Exactly 3 years ago, I reached 10,000. Getting those double digits was validation. Once I reached 50,000, I honestly thought I peaked. A lot of channels I followed never got passed that number, but you guys kept coming. 9 months ago we hit 100,000. Words can’t describe that feeling.
Since then, I’ve accomplished things I never thought would be possible for me. I was just a shy 12 year old girl who set up a camera and recorded a drum cover in her bedroom. Little did I know how greatly that one decision would impact my life.
I know I’m not the best drummer in the world. That’s not what this is about. I’m not posting to show off or pretend I’m something I’m not. I’m here to show you that you can do it. You can accomplish things that you’ve only ever dreamt about. All you have to do is try your hardest, fight for what you want, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t.”

Kristina Schiano: How To Make Money Playing Covers On YouTube

Tip: Don’t forget to read comments – some of them complement the video.

Credits. Photos are taken from Sina’s and Kristina’s Instagram accounts respectively.

If you think that all these tips are too boring, why don’t you get a job? I mean another job rather than to be a drummer 🙂 :

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