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My First Drum Battle

A drum cover battle is when several drummers record a cover of a song or musical composition, and then the viewers compare the covers and vote for one of them. The winner is this one who gets more votes 🙂 . There can also be a battle between drummer teams – several drummers join, and […]

Christmas Music – New Drum Cover of Christmas Eve / Sarajevo

Christmas is just around the corner 🙂 . To create the Christmas mood, we have recorded a new drum cover of very famous Christmas music – the composition “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24” performed by an American rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra:  “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24” is an instrumental mix of “God Rest Ye […]

Soon – My Drum School

A new section – “My Drumming School for Children” – will appear on my YouTube channel soon. Hope that you will be interested in following this section. So subscribe to my channel – it will be useful and funny 🙂 !

I have an unusual day today!

I have an unusual day today! I met with Alexander Lulyakin who is the drummer for the rock band BOOMBOX. He gave me a bunch of gifts, and most importantly, that he had a lesson! And it’s very cool! Thank you so much Alexander Lulyakin! Here are the gifts in action:

Thank You Ot Vinta!

Hooray! Today I’ve received a parcel. I opened it and there were gifts! And most importantly – there was a CD of the rock band “Ot Vinta” (“From the Screw”). I will listen to it and make drum covers of their songs! Thanks for gifts 🙂 .