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My First Drum Battle

A drum cover battle is when several drummers record a cover of a song or musical composition, and then the viewers compare the covers and vote for one of them. The winner is this one who gets more votes 🙂 . There can also be a battle between drummer teams – several drummers join, and the audience evaluates the performance of that teams, not the individual participant. And, finally, there can be a big battle, so to speak, a Grand battle, when several (for example, five) battles are combined in one video – and viewers choose a separate battle, which they liked best, and then a specific participant. The winner can get some prizes. But if there are no prizes, then the award is more popularity 🙂 .

Here is a cartoon announcement of my first drum battle:

Little Drummer Channel are a few highly professional drummers from the United States. They offer high quality audio and studio quality mixes, make reviews of drums and equipment for their maintenance (yes, it’s not such a simple matter to keep the drums in a working state!), and also make drum covers, product reviews, tutorials, and compose original music.

Drum Man 190 is a drummer William, USA. He does a lot for the community of drummers – arranges drum battles, makes ratings of drummers and the best drum covers of the week and much more.

Here is my first battle:

Who became the winner? The answer is in the comments to the video with the battle 🙂 .

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