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How I Spent My Summer

Summer, ah, Summer! I love summer 🙂 And the summer 2018 was great too. Let’s remember some of the summer events.

Drumming Exercises

Exercises with the drumming metronome BOSS DB-90 were mandatory even in the summer:

These metronome and sticks were given to me by Stefan Scharmach from Germany:

Gifts from Stefan Scharmach

Results of the HLAG 2018 Contest

The results of the Hit Like A Girl (HLAG) contest 2018 was announced at the beginning of June. I became the winner of HLAG 2018 Week One (Drumset, age division under 18):

My HLAG Certificate:

Kate Kuziakina Certificate of the Winner of the HLAG 2018 Week One

Amazing headphones Studio Plus+ from the HLAG 2018 sponsor Direct Sound:

Gift to Kate Kuziakina from HLAG sponsor Direct Sound

Read more about the HLAG 2018 here.

Portrait Doll

My Portrait Doll

This wonderful doll was sent to me by Denis. This doll was made by the doll master @alyona_dorokhova from Odessa, Ukraine. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

First Recording in the Studio

My first recording in the professional audio studio – I played a drum only solo then (the song was “Good Morning, Ukraine” by the rock band Numer 482):

My First Recording in the Studio

My First Recording in the Studio 2

Fishing and Mushrooming

What is summer without good fishing and mushrooming?

summer fishing

summer mushrooming

Cymbal from Jamie Morrison

One of my cymbals was broken this summer. I posted about that on my Twitter account. You won’t believe it but Jamie Morrison and Stereophonics responded and gave me a new cymbal instead of my broken one:

Broken cymbal

Cymbal from Jamie Morrison and Stereophonics

Red Chair

This fantastic Tama chair was given by Markus Fuchs @feuerfux:

fantastic Tama chair

The Sixsters

The biggest secret and adventure of the summer 2018 was the girl rock band The Sixsters. Rehearsals, rehearsals, and new rehearsals for several months!

girl rock band The Sixsters

Our debut performance was held on the the 16th Charity Children Festival “Black Sea Games 2018” (Skadovsk, Ukraine) on the 29th of July. It was unforgettable! Incredible experience and great lessons of friendship and creativity.

The Sixsters on Black Sea Games 2018

Paiste Cymbals

Hooray!!! I became the owner of the Paiste cymbals. Huge thank you to Meelis Kasepalu, Гарькавый Александр, Konstantin Żmijewski, and Realmusic.ua for their support!

Paiste cymbals

Paiste cymbals 2

Paiste cymbals 3

What Else Was There?

Of course, there were a lot of other interesting events this summer too. It’s difficult to mention all of them. But for sure the summer 2018 was cool – with a lot of trainings, adventures, exciting challenges, and meetings with many beautiful people 🙂

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