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Good Morning, Ukraine – 4 Versions by Kate Kuziakina

“Good Morning, Ukraine” is one of the most famous songs of the Ukrainian rock band Numer 482. Kate Kuziakina has performed this song in several variants. 1. Drum cover and music video clip 2. Live performance together with Numer 482 – The Battle of Orchestras, April 22 2018 3. Drum part recording in the studio […]

Four Seasons

Four seasons – and four music video clips created by Kate Kuziakina, her Dad and her older sister Valerie. Summer Autumn Winter Spring

What to Present to Teacher on March 8

Today there are so many gifts in shops and the Internet! But when the 8th of March comes, one and the same question still arises: What to give to the teacher? If your fantasy is exhausted, and there are no more ideas, just do the following. Buy flowers – with this you will not lose. […]

Eurovision 2018 Ukraine’s Selection Semi-Final Winners – The Erised

Yesterday the second semi-final of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was held. Kadnay, Laud, Melovin, Tayanna, The Erised, and Vilna became finalists. You can see the recordings of the live broadcast here: 1 semi-final and 2 semi-final (in Ukrainian). All of the finalists prepared very carefully. The performances were vivid and […]

Sina and Kristina: Tips for Young Drummers

Sina Drums and Kristina Schiano are amazing young girl drummers whose popularity has been growing very fast. Their experience is very interesting not only to musicians but to other people too. This is especially important because the popularity in YouTube doesn’t give them a lot of money: “Some people think I’m a rich girl because […]

What Makes Drummers Different from Other People?

Different Brains Josh Jones, a writer and musician, has stated in his article “The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Discover the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain” that “Perhaps… drummers have fundamentally different brains than the rest of us” We recommend to read the article, it is really interesting. Here are some key points of […]

How to get #backToSchool and #backToWork

The season of New Year holidays and school vacations is over. Back to work, back to school. It’s no secret that for many people it is hard to get back to work. It’s easy to recognize such people by their facial expression – it seems that Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is continiously sounds in their […]

How to Reduce Risk of Fake Reporting on Youtube

On January 4, 2018 our Youtube channel was terminated. The answer to our appeal from the Youtube team was prompt. Here it is: In other words, the Youtube team has not found any violation of the Youtube Community Guidelines or Terms of Service on our channel. Therefore, there is a reason to suspect that the […]

My First Drum Battle

A drum cover battle is when several drummers record a cover of a song or musical composition, and then the viewers compare the covers and vote for one of them. The winner is this one who gets more votes 🙂 . There can also be a battle between drummer teams – several drummers join, and […]