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Yes, I am self-taught. But my dream is to get good musical education


  • There is no music school nearby, especially on the speciality “Drums.” Therefore, you have to hire a tutor.
  • High tuition fees: Good teachers are in the capital of the country. But their rates are high. Moreover, there are additional costs to get to us because we live in a village in ~70km from the city.
  • Videos on YouTube does NOT give any income: I make video covers of songs created by other people. According to the laws on copyright, if even ads are shown, all income goes to the song authors. I get NOTHING.
  • Sometimes friends help us and share their secrets of playing drums and give us drum gifts. But our friends-musicians are constantly on the road and cannot be a substitute for a tutor.
  • Running costs: Drumheads quickly wear out, plates crack, sticks break down. We need special tools for drum tuning. Also, we need microphones and equipment for track recording.
  • Drum gear and equipment are expensive, especially in comparison with local salaries, – it’s easy to check in the search engines.
  • That is why we need additional money which is not present in the budget of family with 3 kids.
    These funds are strictly intended for tuition and drum gear maintenance.

Other Ways You Can Help

I would appreciate it very much if you could

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Thank you so much!
May all your dreams come true!
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