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Biography of Kate Kuziakina

Biography of Kate KuziakinaKate Kuziakina was born in 2008. Her first drums were chairs and first drumsticks were Chinese chopsticks. In 2014 Kate got “adult” drums – her father bought her not new but absolutely real ones.

Kate’s music studio is located in a small shed in the courtyard of a rural house. Inside there is a real kingdom of music, rock, and drums. The studio was painted by a professional artist. There are prizes and gifts on the shelves and posters and banners on the walls. This is the place where the cool drum covers are born.

Rocker is always rocker
Rocker is always rocker

Kate has a very effective team: Older sister Valeria helps to choose the songs, records and edits videos; Dad and Mom direct the process and solve a bunch of “adult” questions; younger sister Nastia is a group of active support and leader of the fan club 🙂 .

Most of the songs which Kate make drum covers of belong to the genres of rock, pop and metal music. Often their texts are quite “adult” (but there are no “bad” songs – here the parental control comes into play). But Kate is not bothering too much with this yet – she tries to make an interesting funny show, sometimes giving to songs a different meaning.

The main source of inspiration and training for Kate is still the Internet. But from time to time there is a holiday – and Kate meets with professional musicians who give drumming lessons and reveal some of their secrets. And of course they give gifts – new drumsticks, cymbals, and many more. This is always so nice :).

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