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Kate Kuziakina on YouTube

Kate Kuziakina kid girl drummer

Playing drums is so cool and funny! Drumming is a large world of enthusiastic people, beautiful instruments and the coolest music. We will talk about all this on this site and on the YouTube channel of Kate Kuziakina.

Kate's renewed YouTube channel is now at this address: YouTube.com/KateKuziakina

There are about 70 videos on the channel:

  • Drum covers of rock, pop, and metal songs of different music bands;
  • Video clips featuring Kate;
  • Video reports from concerts and TV show excerpts;
  • Notes about trips to contests;
  • Records of the first attempts to play drums and first drum lessons.

Here is the video which became widely known one of the first and was a kind of Kate's "business card" in 2016:

Mad Heads 'Накрило' (drum cover)

And here's how Kate plays now:

YouTube channel is a useful thing but its possibilities are not limitless. But here regular websites help. So this website will include everything that is difficult to place on the YouTube channel.

Last News

Battles of Orchestras – Backstage

This post is the next part of the post “Battle of Orchestras: Kiev, April 21 and 22”. Rehearsal with NAONI On the first day we played in accompaniment of the orchestra, so we had to rehearse all details: “Today it is in this way” Traditional photos of the drumset before the performance: Battle of Orchestras: […]

Battle of Orchestras: Kiev, April 21 and 22

What: The musical show “The Battle of Orchestras” and first in Ukraine “The Battle of Orchestras Kids” Where: October Palace, Kiev When: 21 (19:00) and 22 (18:00) April 2018 I am performing with the cool rock band Numer 482 as a guest. We will sing the song “Good Morning, Ukraine.” There will also be many […]

New Drum Covers, HLAG Entry, UATV Story – Videos of March 2018

Breed by Nirvana – Drum Cover This drum cover was prepared as a entry to Hit Like A Girl contest 2018. It was chosen as a winner of Hit Like A Girl 2018 Week One by the representative judges from Week 1 sponsors Zildjian Company and Vic Firth. View my HLAG 2018 account here. UATV […]


We need your support

  • Videos does not give any income: Kate makes video covers for songs created by other people. According to the law on copyright, if even advertising is shown, then all income goes to the song authors. Kate gets NOTHING.
  • Minimum expenses: We try to minimize our costs - we record and mount the video ourselves, this site was created by us, etc.
  • Friends help but... Sometimes friends help us - share the secrets of playing the drums and give us drum gifts. But our friends-musicians are constantly on the road and cannot replace the tutor.
  • There is no music school nearby, especially on the class "Drums." Therefore, you have to hire a tutor.
  • High tutoring rates: The teachers nearest to us are in the capital of the country. Their rates are high, like everything is in the capital.
  • Running costs: Drumheads quickly wear out, plates crack, sticks break down. We need special tools for tuning. Also, we need microphones and equipment for recording tracks.
  • Drums and equipment are expensive, especially in comparison with local salaries, - it's easy to check in the search engines.
  • That is why we need additional money which is not present in the budget of family with 3 kids. These funds are strictly intended for tuition and updating drums.

Other Ways You Can Help

I would appreciate it very much if you could
  • Subscribe to my channel Youtube.com/KateKuziakina
  • Share my videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks
  • Tell your friends about me and my drum covers
Thank you so much!
May all your dreams come true!
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